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Building on decades of experience supplying transmissions for transverse applications, Hewland have developed a transmission specifically for TCR use. The transmission is optimised not only for performance but also for endurance and reduced cost of ownership, with a market leading cost per kilometre. Utilising Hewland’s proven DTT gear range used in the DTM series, as […]


The MLGW-200 is a high-torque variant of our MLG-200 transmission, which has taken multiple wins in GT4 and rally events worldwide. The design incorporates all of the winning features of the MLG-200, including the advanced selection mechanism, compact layout and Ford Type-9 mounting face that has made that transmission the choice of constructors and teams […]


The MLG-200 represents a marked step forward in affordable, in-line transmission technology. Utilising the same advanced cluster and selection technology found throughout the current Hewland range, this in-tunnel solution boasts full Hewland Semi-Auto system compatibility, an extensive pressurised oil distribution system, and an integrated cable operated blocker mechanism designed specifically to prevent accidental downshifts to […]


A new generation transmission, the F3B uses advanced, modern technology to bring maximum performance to your vehicle. Designed for use with Dallara’s latest Formula 3 cars, the F3B transmission provides high performance while meeting the latest and most stringent F3 regulations. The design incorporates a dedicated engine oil tank, giving an overall vehicle weight saving and […]


Made famous for its extensive use in Formula 3 Championships around the world, the FTR has proven to be one of most successful and reliable transmission solutions in modern motorsport. This gearbox has been designed to provide the ultimate in versatility for single-seater racers and other high-performance, lightweight vehicles. An innovative design allows engine oil […]


The JL is a modern, technologically advanced 5 speed sequential box, suitable as a replacement to the incredibly popular LD-200. Retro-fitted with minimal chassis or suspension modifications, the JL offers an effective upgrade with minimal setup alterations, boosting performance to meet modern competition. In utilising the ratios from the well proven FTR range, the JL […]


The RGT-200 is a compact transverse unit, designed for mid-engined sportscars (GT). The unit is produced with six forward gears, reverse, and is fitted with a Torsen type differential. The RGT is a high tech racing transverse unit which achieves the maximum effective use of power, in conjunction with extremely stiff integral mounting points.  Gear […]


Optimised for front-engined, RWD GT endurance vehicles, the all-new GTT-200 offers many of the benefits of Hewland’s advanced TLS (LMP) solution in an off-the-shelf package. Optimised for front-engined, RWD GT endurance vehicles, the GTTL-200 offers many of the benefits of Hewland’s advanced TLS (LMP) solution in an off-the-shelf package. Integrating a lightweight magnesium casing, precision […]


The LWS-200 reflects the demand for transaxle solutions to suit very high torque GT and drag-event vehicles. Emerging from the same highly-developed design of the LLS (and Ferrari 458 specification MLS variant), the project involved the design of wider, stronger gears combined with a new pinion shaft design, selector barrel and spacer plate. The result […]


Developed to replace the hugely successful NLT, the LLS offers the ultimate in transaxle transmission design for high specification GT race cars. The LLS has been developed alongside the championship-winning MLS gearbox, sharing most major components with the transmission used in the dominant Ferrari 458 GT3, and the Le Mans-winning Ferrari 458 GTE. Offered in […]