Published September 21 2023



In recognition of the demand for high-performance differential solutions, Hewland has developed the ED-200, suitable for RWD and 4WD vehicles. With a design focused on maximum traction and optimised power distribution, Hewland has utilised its previous experience in integral differentials to produce a product well-suited to any high-torque competition vehicle.

The ED-200 has been designed with versatility in mind, providing ultimate performance to a wide range of customers and applications. Multiple mounting points and orientations allow for installation in almost any location, regardless of prop shaft rotation. An integrated oil pump delivers lubrication throughout, ensuring minimal loss in power transfer.

Available with a magnesium or aluminium casing and a wide range of final drive and ramp options, the ED-200 provides optimal traction and power distribution without the need to sacrifice performance elsewhere.

Full compatibility with Hewland’s most advanced differentials, the ED-200 is perfectly suited for usage with the highly advanced TSI (Torque and speed sensing) differential, or the Le Mans winning TLT Powerflow differentials utilised in our LLS and TLS transmission systems.

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  1. Multiple mounting points for fitment to most vehicles
  2. Optimised design ensures maximum traction
  3. Advanced torque and speed sensing differential options
  4. Internal oil pump providing improved cooling and lubrication
  5. Various final drive, differential and ramp options to suit almost any vehicle


Normal Application: RWD and 4WD vehicles
Case Material: Magnesium or Aluminium
Mounting Layout: Various – multiple mounting points
Max. Engine Torque: 1250 Nm / 925 lb.ft (dependent on final drive ratio)
Weight: 40Kg (TSI Magnesium), 43Kg (TSI Aluminium)
Lubrication: Integrated oil pump
Differential: ED Powerflow™ plate-type limited-slip (adjustable / torque and speed sensing options available)
Clients: GT300 Subaru BRZ (R&D Sport)



Part Number Description Ratio
ED-221-9:31 CROWNWHEEL & PINION 3.444
*ED-221-10:31 CROWNWHEEL & PINION 3.100
*ED-221-11:31 CROWNWHEEL & PINION 2.818
*ED-221-12:31 CROWNWHEEL & PINION 2.583
*ED-221-13:31 CROWNWHEEL & PINION 2.385
* Subject to availability, please enquire.


Socket - SK-1452-A
Reaction Bar - SK-2086-B
Pinion Setting Gauge - SK-2418
Pinion Tool - SK-2551
- SK-2424
Preload Adjuster Tool - SK-1623
(Adjustable diff only)