Published September 21 2023



Building on decades of experience supplying transmissions for transverse applications, Hewland have developed a transmission specifically for TCR use. The transmission is optimised not only for performance but also for endurance and reduced cost of ownership, with a market leading cost per kilometre.

Utilising Hewland’s proven DTT gear range used in the DTM series, as well as GT4 and F3 applications, the lightweight, compact and versatile gearbox uses Hewland’s plate-type differential providing reliable power distribution to the wheels.


  1. Compact, lightweight transverse transmission.
  2. Semi automatic system compatible.
  3. Six forward gears withNormal Application:reverse.
  4. High torque capacity to suit almost any transverse application.
  5. Light, positive gear change.
  6. Advanced plate-type limited slip differential with adjustable positive preload.


Normal Application: FWD N/A Saloon, Touring & Rally Cars
Case Material: Aluminium
Shift Pattern: 6-Speed with reverse
Mounting Layout: Transverse
Max. Engine Torque: 580 Nm / 428 lb.ft
Cluster Layout: Transverse straight-cut cluster
Weight: 48kg
Lubrication: Splash with optional oil pump and cooling ports
Differential: Limited slip with externally adjustable positive preload
Semi-Auto Compatibility: Compatible with Semi-Automatic ‘Paddle-Shift’ System


Finalisation of ratios is in progress, please speak to one of our sales team for more information


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