Published September 21 2023



The MLGW-200 is a high-torque variant of our MLG-200 transmission, which has taken multiple wins in GT4 and rally events worldwide. The design incorporates all of the winning features of the MLG-200, including the advanced selection mechanism, compact layout and Ford Type-9 mounting face that has made that transmission the choice of constructors and teams worldwide.

For the MLGW, Hewland has adopted the gear cluster straight from our homologated German DTM and Japanese GT500 series transmission, increasing capacity to 700Nm of tractable input torque, making the MLGW-200 the perfect choice for high torque drifting, rallycross, drag racing and GT applications.

Owing to the lightweight design of the new cluster, weight is only marginally increased while the transmission length is extended 55mm by virtue of a spacer plate. The shared front and rear casings make it possible to upgrade from our MLG-200 to MLGW-200 with little expense, while in turn establishing the MLGW-200 as one of the most cost-competitive transmissions in its class.

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  1. Lightweight, 6 speed sequential shift transmission
  2. Low, competitive overall weight
  3. 800 Nm / 590 lb.ft torque capacity
  4. Bolt-on Hewland Semi-Auto compatibility
  5. Front face to suit Ford Type-9 bell-housing
  6. Pressurised lubrication system with internal filter, cooler pipe connections and magnetic drain plugs


Normal Application: High-Torque GT; Drifting; Drag Racing
Case Material: Aluminium
Shift Pattern: 6-speed with reverse (R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6)
Selection: - Manual Sequential
- Semi-Auto Sequential with 'SE' Selection Mechanism
Mounting Layout: In-Line
Max. Engine Torque: Up to 800 Nm / 590 lb.ft
Cluster Layout: Longitudinal straight-cut cluster
Weight: Approx 36 Kg (6 speed)
Lubrication: Pressurised lubrication system with 250 micron internal filter
Differential: N/A
Semi-Auto Compatibility: Bolt-on Hewland Semi-Auto 'Paddle-Shift' option
Clients Include: - Touring Car Applications
- GT3 & GT4 Vehicles



Part Number Description Ratio (1st)
MLG-24:27-TR DROP GEAR 1.125
MLG-27:28-TR * DROP GEAR 1.037
MLG-24:24-TR DROP GEAR 1.000
MLG-28:27-TR * DROP GEAR 0.964
MLG-27:24-TR DROP GEAR 0.889


Layshaft Option (Integral 1st and 2nd)

Part Number Description Ratio (1st) Ratio 2nd
MLGW-12:38-15:32 LAYSHAFT (1ST & 2ND) 3.167 2.133

Standard Gear Options (3rd to 5th)

Part Number Description Ratio (1st) Ratio 2nd
MLGW-17:28-STD RATIO 1.647 -
MLGW-18:24-STD RATIO 1.333 -
RATIO 1.100 -


Fork Setting Handle - SK-1732-B
Fork Setting Plate - SK-2444-B
Fork Setting Support Post - SK-2853-A