Published September 21 2023



The LWS-200 reflects the demand for transaxle solutions to suit very high torque GT and drag-event vehicles. Emerging from the same highly-developed design of the LLS (and Ferrari 458 specification MLS variant), the project involved the design of wider, stronger gears combined with a new pinion shaft design, selector barrel and spacer plate.

The result is the highest torque specification of any gearbox in the standard Hewland range, capable of transferring an engine input torque of up to 935Nm.

Like the LLS, the LWS-200 casing is offered in highest commercial-grade aluminium or magnesium specification, and is fully compatible with Hewland’s Semi-Auto system.

In conjunction with highly developed Powerflow™ differential options, and a sophisticated dog and fast selection mechanism, the LWS offers a large selection of ramp angles, ratios and crownwheel & pinions to ensure that our clients do not have to compromise when it comes to their high performance GT transmission system.

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  1. Large 935Nm max torque capacity
  2. Developed in-line with LLS technology to provide maximum performance
  3. Fully integrated Hewland Semi-Auto compatibility, providing superior shifting and improved component life
  4. Wide range of advanced Powerflow™ differential options
  5. Magnesium casing option for additional weight reduction


Normal Application: GT Race Vehicles
Case Material: Magnesium or Aluminium
Shift Pattern: 6-speed with reverse (R-N-1-2-3-4-5-6)
Selection: Manual Sequential / Semi-Auto Sequential with ‘SE’ Selection Mechanism
Mounting Layout: Rear Transaxle
Max. Engine Torque: 935 Nm / 690 lb.ft
Cluster Layout: Longitudinal straight-cut cluster behind spiral bevel final drive
Weight: 69kg (LWS Aluminium), 63kg (LWS Magnesium)
Lubrication: Pressurised distribution system, with 250 micron internal filter, 50 micron pressure side filter, cooler pipe connections and magnetic drain plugs
Differential: TLT Powerflow™ plate-type or viscous limited-slip with adjustable preload options
Semi-Auto Compatibility: Integrated Hewland Semi-Auto system
Clients Include: - Chevron GT3
- SCG003
- Mosler
- KRB Lotus Espirit

Final Drive Options

Part Number Description Ratio
LWS-221-9:31 CROWNWHEEL & PINION 3.444
LWS-221-10:31 CROWNWHEEL & PINION 3.100
LWS-221-11:31 CROWNWHEEL & PINION 2.818
LWS-221-12:31 * CROWNWHEEL & PINION 2.583
LWS-221-13:31 * CROWNWHEEL & PINION 2.385


Layshaft Options (Integral 1st gear)

Part Number Description Ratio
LWS-13:37-INT Layshaft (integral 1st) 2.846
LWS-14:37-INT Layshaft (integral 1st) 2.642
LWS-14:36-INT Layshaft (integral 1st) 2.571
LWS-14:34-INT Layshaft (integral 1st) 2.429

Hubbed Gear Options (2nd Gear)

Part Number Description Ratio
LWS-17:38-HUB RATIO 2.235
LWS-16:34-HUB RATIO 2.125
LWS-16:33-HUB RATIO 2.063
LWS-16:32-HUB RATIO 2.000
LWS-17:32-HUB * RATIO 1.882

Standard Gear Options (3rd and 4th)

Part Number Description Ratio
LWS-18:39-L * RATIO (LOW) 2.167
LWS-16:34-L RATIO (LOW) 2.125
LWS-16:32-L RATIO (LOW) 2.000
LWS-18:35-L RATIO (LOW) 1.944
LWS-17:32-L RATIO (LOW) 1.882
LWS-17:31-L RATIO (LOW) 1.824
LWS-17:30-L RATIO (LOW) 1.765
LWS-18:31-L RATIO (LOW) 1.722
LWS-17:29-L RATIO (LOW) 1.706
LWS-18:30-L RATIO (LOW) 1.667
LWS-19:31-L RATIO (LOW) 1.632
LWS-18:29-L RATIO (LOW) 1.611
LWS-19:30-L RATIO (LOW) 1.579
LWS-19:29-L RATIO (LOW) 1.526
LWS-19:28-L RATIO (LOW) 1.474
LWS-18:26-L RATIO (LOW) 1.444
LWS-21:30-L RATIO (LOW) 1.429
LWS-22:31-L RATIO (LOW) 1.409
LWS-21:29-L RATIO (LOW) 1.381
LWS-23:31-L RATIO (LOW) 1.348
LWS-25:33-L RATIO (LOW) 1.320
LWS-21:27-L RATIO (LOW) 1.286
LWS-23:28-L RATIO (LOW) 1.217

Standard Gear Options (5th and 6th)

Part Number Description Ratio
LWS-19:28-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.474
LWS-21:30-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.429
LWS-22:31-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.409
LWS-21:29-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.381
LWS-23:31-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.348
LWS-22:29-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.320
LWS-25:33-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.320
LWS-21:27-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.286
LWS-23:29-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.261
LWS-21:26-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.238
LWS-22:27-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.227
LLS-24:29-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.208
LWS-22:26-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.182
LWS-23:27-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.174
LWS-25:29-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.160
LWS-23:26-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.130
LWS-25:28-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.120
LWS-29:32-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.103
LWS-22:24-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.091
LWS-24:26-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.083
LWS-28:30-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.071
LWS-27:28-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.037
LWS-24:24-H RATIO (HIGH) 1.000
LWS-25:24-H RATIO (HIGH) 0.960
LWS-26:24-H RATIO (HIGH) 0.923
LWS-27:24-H RATIO (HIGH) 0.889
* Subject to availability, please enquire.


Piston assembly tool - SK-2240
Seal assembly tool - SK-2239
Socket - SK-1452-A
Reaction bar - SK-1452-B
Fork setting fixture - SK-2417
Comb tool - SK-2416
Diff adjustment tool - SK-1623
(adjustable diffs only)
Differential pre-load Tools - SK-1769
- SK-838-TB (X2)
- SK-838-TA
Worm retaining tool - SK-2323
Setting disc - SK-2424
Pinion setting - SK-2418