Published September 21 2023



Building on Hewland’s extensive and successful history in off-road racing, a newly developed 4WD solution has been launched to meet the needs high performance off-road series.

Based on the MLGW-200 transmission, the MLGW4 is a lightweight, high performance in tunnel 4WD solution with a central adjustable preload differential splitting the drive distribution to the front and the rear. 

The design incorporates an input drop gear, allowing the drive output height to be maintained at a level in-line with the clutch shaft. This provides for an exceptionally lightweight and compact gearbox to suit a wide range of front-engined, rear wheel drive race and rally applications.


  1. Variable transfer ratios and input drop gears
  2. Modern selection technology from the Hewland range ensures reliable performance
  3. Optional external Semi-Auto system provides consistent shift times and significantly increased component life


Normal Application: High performance off-road 
Case Material: Aluminium
Shift Pattern: 5 or 6-speed with reverse
Selection: Manual SequentialSemi-Auto Sequential
Mounting Layout: In Tunnel
Max. Engine Torque: 800 Nm / 590 lb.ft torque capacity
Cluster Layout: Longitudinal straight-cut cluster with Input Drop Gear
Weight: 36 Kg
Lubrication: Pressurised distribution system, with 250 micron internal filter and external cooler connections
Differential: Externally adjustable preloadCartridge style
Semi-Auto Compatibility: External bolt-on Hewland Semi-Auto option



Part Number Description Ratio (1st)
MLG-24:27-TR DROP GEAR 1.125
MLG-27:28-TR * DROP GEAR 1.037
MLG-24:24-TR DROP GEAR 1.000
MLG-28:27-TR * DROP GEAR 0.964
MLG-27:24-TR DROP GEAR 0.889


Layshaft Option (Integral 1st and 2nd)

Part Number Description Ratio (1st) Ratio 2nd
MLGW-12:38-15:32 LAYSHAFT (1ST & 2ND) 3.167 2.133

Standard Gear Options (3rd to 5th)

Part Number Description Ratio (1st) Ratio 2nd
MLGW-17:28-STD RATIO 1.647 -
MLGW-18:24-STD RATIO 1.333 -
MLGW-20:22-STD RATIO 1.100 -

6th Gear Options

Part Number Description Ratio (1st) Ratio 2nd
MLGW-25:24-HUB RATIO 0.960 -
Please enquire for additional ratios, further options subject to evaluation.


Fork Setting Handle - SK-1732-B
Fork Setting Plate - SK-2444-B
Fork Setting Support Post - SK-2853-A